Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom has forgotten she told me I could take care of her medicines. I am in the dog house big time. But that's okay.

What is bad is finding my mother standing in front of the drawer  where I put her meds and seeing her with a fistful of medicine.

Me: "What are you doing?"
Her: I can't find my medicine and I will not take something if I don't recognize it."
Me: "What is it you don't recognize?" (Thinking she went to take one of her bedtime pills and didn't know what it was because she keeps forgetting to take it.)
Mom: Where are my pills for tomorrow?
Me: In your room where they always are.
Mom: No they're not.
Notice pills in Mom's hand...
Me: Why are you holding those pills?
Mom: They shouldn't be in here.
Me: Mom, let me have the pills.
Mom: No, their mine.
Me: I know, but I'm taking care of them for you.
Mom: No you are not!
Me: Yes, I am. (Holding out my hand) Give me the pills (sternly- but not yelling- kind of like talking to a child that may hurt themselves if they don't do what you say quickly)
Mom: Fine (drops pills- some reach my hand, some hit the floor)
Me: Dammit
Mom: What are you going to do with them?
Me: I'll take care of them Mom.
Mom: Where are my pills for the morning?
Me: (Trying to take her hand) Come here I'll show you.
Mom: (Angry) Don't you try to make me come with you. I am not a child!
Me: I know Mom, I'm sorry. Please come with me.

We go into the bedroom and her  pill box is on the counter. It is one that separates, so you can take Fridays pills with you, or Sat,Sun pills etc.

Me: See, here they are. And your bedtime pills are in this compartment.
Me: Well, Sunday's pills are in the Sunday container, see?
Mom: Yes. I don't use this container.
Me: Well, we are using it until we leave on vacation. Remember? We did this yesterday too.
Mom: No, I don't remember. This IS NOT THE WAY I DO IT!

Starts screaming about her medicine and her life and her pills. Looks at me and says sarcastically, 

Mom: Do I have to ask you if I can go to the bathhroom???
She goes in and slams the door.

Dad is in the hall.

Me: Dad, you have to back me up here.
Dad: Shakes his head. I know, I just hoped this would wait until we were back from vacation.

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