Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Mom is…

very, very happy! Dad and I are waiting for the other shoe to drop…but right now, Mom is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. Years really.

Mom went into the nursing home on Thursday, March 31st, for 30 days of respite care, so she has been there a  week. She is in her element. She is around nurses. She is on a “floor” with patients. And she has lots and lots of activities to go to.


She has a roommate who less than a month ago lost her husband. They seem to be very compatible. They are both Catholic and so they have that in common. They seem to be good together.

When I have visited, Mom has no complaints and we seem to be able to talk without arguing… She has been asking people if they think she has Alzheimer’s. But she hasn’t asked me. Smile

She fell one night getting out of bed, but was okay. She did have to get help to get up again and she used her call light to get help.

Dad and I have made the decision to make this a permanent placement. Mom doesn’t know this yet, but it is so obvious she is happier there than here with us.

Sunday, Dad and I went to visit and she chided us for not being there for over a week- and then I reminded her she had been there only since Thursday. I also reminded her that we had been there with my daughter and grand-daughter “Little-Bit.” She said:

“I remember Little-Bit being here, but I don’t remember the rest of you.”

“Mom, Little-Bit didn’t come by herself. She doesn’t drive.”

“How old is Little-Bit?”


Laughing- “Well I guess she didn’t drive then did she?” Turning to her roommate- “I thought my six-year-old great-granddaughter came here by herself. Isn’t that funny?”

And they both had a huge laugh.

Thank You God!