Thursday, June 23, 2011

Been gone far too long!

Many of you have sent such sweet messages. I know I’ve been gone far too long and will hopefully get back to blogging again.

Of course, many things have happened and I can’t possibly recall it all- that’s why the blogging is so good.

Mom is doing okay. She is for the most part happy at the nursing home. She is, however, asking again for a new roommate. If she gets one, it will be her third. The good news is she and her old roommate are speaking again. What I really think is happening is that Mom is a nurse living in a nursing home. She sees patients all over the place and she can’t seem to help trying to “help” them.

Right now, she and her roommate aren’t getting along and when I visited the other day it was apparent to me that neither one of them could hear or understand what the other was saying. They both took what was said wrong and both got mad. If it weren’t so sad, it would be comical…

My brother came and took Dad on a trip to Washington DC and mom did okay with it. She’s been giving Dad a bit of hell since he got back, but I wouldn’t expect any different.

I try to visit once a week. Dad goes 3-4 times a week. I can’t go much more than that at this time, because the longer the visit, the dicier things get. We get along fine for about an hour. Then the “Oh I’m so glad to see you!” wears off and the complaining starts.

I am taking better care of myself- I’ve joined an exercise class (kind of a boot camp for women) that meets three mornings a week (5AM!) It helps with stress and it helps me physically as well.

My Alzheimer’s support group is doing well- we’ve met twice and have about 8 members so far.


I will write more soon.