Thursday, December 30, 2010

A month gone by…

Its been over a month since I’ve written on this blog. Lots of things have happened- after all life doesn’t ever stand still. Many conversations have come and gone. Christmas, Christmas shopping, snow storms, conversations- all have occurred and are mostly forgotten.

Is Mom worse than she was when she moved here in March? Definitely. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. I think she enjoyed Christmas. When she remembered it was Christmas… Those were strange conversations! But all in all it went okay.

My DH and I went away for a few days after Christmas, but our vacation was cut short by the death of a church member. I could have had someone else do the service and stayed on vacation- but I needed to be here for her family and the church family. My two nights away really wasn’t enough and I will have to look for some other ways to “get away.”

My DH and I were both getting testy before we left and even though the time gone wasn’t enough- it was still better than nothing. We did do some talking and we did enjoy not being home…

My daughter and two of her kids came and stayed with my parents while we were gone and I think it went well. My son and daughter talked to me at length when I got back about changes they see that need to be made and I’m seriously considering them.

Today we actually close on Mom and Dad’s Condo- Mom doesn’t know. I am doing all the signing as power of attorney. She will want to spend the money (we’ve had this discussion many, many times) and it really needs to be taken care of so we have it to take care of her. (and Dad if need be) Even though she wouldn’t have access to the money- she would truly make life miserable for the rest of us if she knew it was in the bank and she couldn’t spend it.

So today is the day to close on the condo and to finish creating the funeral service for the Angel of our town. I hope to get back to writing on a daily or close to daily schedule again.