Saturday, June 12, 2010

Medication and Money

Well, yesterday is over and today is a new day. I set up Mom's pill case on Thursday and moved her medicine bottles into a drawer in the dining room where I can keep track of them. This is just a first step. Mom not happy about it. It is not the way she does it.

She does not like it that I am setting up a weeks worth of night time pills. She doesn't do it that way. I can't even describe how she does it, it would be too confusing to put into words. I told her we are going to do it differently.

A number of confrontations yesterday concerning medication. She took two of her bedtime pills out of the pill case and did not remember what she did with them. One is her pill to help her get to sleep, the other is her allergy medication. She has no idea where they are and I've searched some and couldn't find them. I'll do a more thorough search today when they are gone if I have time.

I know she hasn't been taking those two pills like she should.

Found a small plastic container filled with various medications. Some were hers, some were Dads. I took that away.

Dad had numerous confrontations about money yesterday. She wants to take money out of "HER" savings account and put it in "HER" checking account so she will have $1000 to spend on vacation. Dad has told her no. He refuses to take her to the bank. This is causing quite a bit of anger. Bless him, he is doing a good job of holding his ground.

We are going to have to get a locking cabinet for the medicine. Uck. But Dr. A said we are going to have to set up our home like an Alzheimer's unit and I guess I see why.

On a personal note. Every time I forget anything a little part of me wonders if this will be my fate. When a word doesn't come quickly to me or I misplace my car keys (which I've been doing ever since I learned to drive) a little panic button is pushed. I would assume this is normal for all caregivers. But it is disconcerting.

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Cher said...

A locking medicine cabinet sounds like a good idea.. and it may be where you have to "give" her her meds at the times needed and make sure she takes them.. ugh I know. As Far as you and the Keys... you two are oposing forces and always have been... how many time shave you lost or locked them in a car ;) I think your safe there. The best thing is be aware of it and open to the fact that if you notice a lot of it you DO something right away... unlike Grandma who swore up and down she was fine and was angry with every one. On top of that keep in mind your hyper sensitive to it right now and you extremley stressed which can cause those same things to happen.. Love you good luck on the trip!