Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip Day 1

June 14, 2010

Left at 6:00 AM. Leaving went a lot smoother than I thought it might. And there weren’t a lot of unnecessary things packed, as far as I can tell right now. Just hoping all is packed that needed to be.

Stopped in El Paso, Illinois for breakfast. Mom said her battery on her cochlear implant was dead, so I went out to the car to get one she said was in her “carry-on” luggage- a small black case. It was raining, and I took everything out of the case to look, but no batteries. The charger was in there… Hoping the batteries were packed elsewhere and actually made it on the trip with us.

Mom talked non-stop from Camargo to El Paso. At breakfast, it continued. If she is not talking to us, she is talking to herself. After we ordered our food, Mom said (to herself)” I need to take my after breakfast pills. If I ever get my breakfast. Now why did I say that? I don’t know E. Why did you? What did you order, is my coffee decaf?” . She asks us odd questions and gets upset because we don’t get the “joke.”

The trip took a total of 10 hours. I drove after breakfast and had fun driving with Mom in the co-pilot seat through Rockford. Lots of lane changes and on and off ramps with Mom talking to me. Thank goodness for the GPS where I could try to listen to the directions and quickly see what lane I needed to be in. Oh yes- and try to explain about the GPS to Mom at the same time.

Then to give Dad a break from the back seat, Mom and I went to the back while D drive and Dad was his co-pilot.

Found the resort and it is very nice. Thank goodness for two bedrooms and two bathrooms!

Door County has changed in many ways since 15 years ago. Had dinner at Al Johnsons and while it all looked the same, the food wasn’t as good and was much more expensive. It used to be a pretty reasonable place to eat, but the cheaper items are off the menu and dinner for the four of us was over $120 with the tip. Ouch.

D and I went to bed early- actually D went to bed early and I went to bed at my normal time. Spent a lot of time listening to my parents reminisce about their honey-moon in Door County and other Door County adventures. It was awesome that Mom remembered so much. What is sad though is she doesn’t seem to be finding pleasure in it. Maybe it was just the trip…

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Cher said...

Sounds like it was going well. And it's good to hear she remebers parts of the past trips their. I've been praying the trip goes well!