Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip Day 2

We were all up early. Went to breakfast at 8 am. Nice little place called Sister Bay Café.  I had the most fantastic French Toast with crème cheese and blueberry filling. All very fresh. It came with a nice pile of fresh cut strawberries. Everyone else had good food too.

Decided to take a riding “tour” in our car and go up to the tip of the peninsula and then back down. It rained most of the day. Mom has decided the front seat is hers again (poor D) and I’ve been sitting in the back seat behind D. By late afternoon, I had to ask Mom to trade places with me as I was having leg cramps and spasms. She did so, neither unhappy or happy.

I guess that is how she has been. Neither happy or unhappy. A few snide remarks here and there, some guilt producing ones. I had to get up and go outside at one point.. I opened a can of cashews and took a few and went back to my seat. As I was opening the can she said, “Oh good. I was thinking about opening that.” Then when I sat down she was drippingly sarcastic when she said, “Oh thank you so much for thinking of me and bringing me some cashews too. How kind of you.” That upset me so instead of saying something I got up and went out on the porch. That made her angry.

We rode and rode and rode in the car. After breakfast she wanted to go to Wilson’s for ice cream. We told her it was too early. So when it was time for lunch, we took her to Wilson’s and she wouldn’t get ice cream then. And it was too noisy. And there were too many kids. And the jukebox shouldn’t be on. And she couldn’t decide what to have to eat, so she had a club sandwich (the same thing she had the day before.)

Dad has really been hurting. He could barely walk in the morning, the pain in his back was too great. D and I went to a Pamida and got him some Thera Wraps (sort of a portable heating pad). Put one on Dad’s back and it really did help.

Had dinner at the same place we had breakfast. We met the owner- a nice gal from Norway and our waiter was from Macedonia. Another good meal.

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