Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The "stuff" hit the fan today

Kids coming over today and bringing the grandkids. Mom and Dad were going to go to the store to get stuff for sandwiches. Mom wanted to drive. Dad told her no, Mom got out of the car and refused to go with him.

Dad left.

Mom came inside and wanted to know why she can't drive. I tried. I tried NOT to tell her. But then I did. She is VERY angry.

Today I was supposed to spend writing. I have 12 papers due on June 14th for a class I have to take for work. I have to go to a church conference for 4 days the first week in June. I have sermons to write, people to visit and Mom has an appointment on the 9th to see a nuero-psychologist.

I am overwhelmed and my heart hurts and I am mad at myself for not having the right words to put out the flames. Instead I ignited the fire.

Lawyer says to close Mom's bank accounts and credit cards. Dad and I wanted to wait until after our vacation in mid-June. Now Mom is threatening to "take over" the money again and buy herself a new car.

Kids still coming over- I gave them a heads up.

I  pray this blows over soon. Lord, teach me how to lie!!!


Cher said...

Knowing the Stuff hit the fan, we HAD to come, it's nice to have the warnings though. I wish we could work out a way that I could help so you could get your school work done... any thoughts??

Let me know. I'll get that conversation written out to. Love you!

Di said...

i'm so sorry...and will be praying for you...I remember it well when Dad gave up driving on his own almost 2 years ago then decided he could drive "just a little"...well, we had to get his keys from him and I (who could never say/do anything wrong), began to be the one who said/did everything wrong) My best ally, besides the Lord and my husband, has been my older sister who lives 14 hours away, but as close as the phone (anytime of the day) We are deflecting/redirecting/ignoring as much as possible but sometimes the blowups do occur. I treasure the good moments now and pray and cry through the really tough ones...again, praying for you...