Thursday, May 27, 2010

Follow Up

My daughter and family did come. It was tense between Mom and I and Mom and Dad. My daughter had this conversation with her grandma:

Grandma walked in on Grandpa and I talking she looked at me slumped her shoulders and said 'I'm grounded!"

Me "Who grounded you?"

Her "Your mom and Grandpa"

Me "How are you grounded?"

Her" No one will let me drive any where... I have a smart mind and if you don't use it you lose it. I haven't driven in forever"

Me " Maybe they don't want you to drive because you can't hear and if you get lost it's hard to get direction"

Her " I always have paper and pen in my purse so I can get directions"

I was quiet, I was trying to think of something that would calm her

Her " If I would have known it was going to be like this when we moved in here I never would have, I don't want to be here"

Grandpa " You need to be here"

Her " we moved here because of you"

Grandpa "We moved here because of both of us"

Her " Both of us no, I'm fine" ( she was getting very angry then)

Me" Grandma, you need to be here too"

Her "No I don't"

Me" Grandma, I love you and I wouldn't lie to you, YOU NEED TO BE HERE TOO!! (not yelling just calmly stressed each word) "

Me got up and gave Grandma a hug told her I loved her but she really needed to be here....

She changed the subject to my DH and the Issue with Steven's

She did later on say something about she couldn't get to downtown T***** and would probably get lost if she tried... I was trying again to talk to grandpa...

Every time I was trying to talk to someone she had something to say.. she reminded me of my 3 year old when he has to have my attention so he interrupts everything even when it's not important.. she tried a bunch while I was talking with dad... she wanted to tell me my son's  toes were ticklish and saying my name over and over.... finally she grabbed my arm and I had to turn around....

Thank you C for letting me post this.
Mom did write an email to my Godmother and told her that she had been a real pain (to us) lately and that everyone was treating her well. 
The rest of the day went fine. And now we seem to be back to "normal" ...what ever that is.

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