Saturday, March 20, 2010

The last two days...

The last two days have gone really well for the most part. Dad is so very happy to be here and he tells me that more than once a day. Mom has her ups and downs, but I really think she is doing quite well considering the changes that have taken place in her life.

Thursday and Friday she spent a lot of time with my daughter C and her two youngest, Little Bit and Hot Rod. Little Bit is 5 and is a real girly girl. Hot Rod is 3 and loves his boy stuff. Mom showed Bit how to say “I love you” when holding hands. (A hand squeeze) They did a lot of hand-holding and squeezing. Mom had a great time. And both nights she slept really well. I think the extra stimulation during the day is helping.

My daughter C talked to Mom about driving. Mom was complaining we won’t let her drive by herself. C told her we were worried that since she can’t hear and can’t use a telephone, if something happened or if she did get lost, she wouldn’t be able to get help. Mom seems to be remembering that and has brought it up a couple of times.

She is confused about some things. It’s odd how one day certain things are confusing to her and the next day they are just fine.

Last night she told me she couldn’t use her computer. The screen was black. I asked her if she had turned it off, and she looked at me as if I were nuts. So I went and checked, and sure enough it was off.

Then she couldn’t remember how to forward her email to someone else (sorry folks- I showed her how again!) She also didn’t remember what a disc was and that her medicine list was on a disc. She blames my redoing her computer. And that is fine- I can handle that!

There was a lot of confusion about medicine last night and she was very agitated because she must “pour” Dad’s meds on Saturday night. I’ve offered to help and she seemed ok with that.

But she was not okay with realizing at the time that she wasn’t remembering things. I told her she was just tired and tomorrow would be better.

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Cher said...

I'm really glad me comment worked :) and that she's remembering what I said and it makes sense... it may not last for long but at least it's helping...

I'm looking forward to spending time with her every week... it seemed to really make a diffrence for grandpa to :)

I hate to throw a wrench in the scheldule every time Corey comes home.. but at least it's not that often :)

I'm glad the time is making a diffrence for her.. I can't belive how well she's done with the kids to!

I'm happy to hear she is letting you help with Gpa's meds that's something I've been worried about for a long time. It's in it's own way looking up :)

Love you!