Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Conversations

Scene: Sitting in church with the Wednesday night prayer group whom she has just met.

Mom: As my mother used to say- it's... (Turning to me) Can I swear in church?

Me: No

Mom: I can't swear in church?

Me: No

Mom: You can't use bad words in church?

Me: (Knowing she wants to use the word "hell") If you are talking about the place, sure you can use it, but if you are swearing I'd rather you didn't.

Mom: What?

Me: If you are talking about the place it's ok. If not, let's just use the word "heck."

Mom: But it's not heck to grow old, it's hell to grow old. (Laughter from the group)( Mom smiles at me)

1 comment:

Cher said...

LOL.. she repeated that about 10 or more times during our days together I could tell she was on that kick :).. she has always liked that word and one other..
At least everyone took it well... :)