Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dad- No- REALLY???? You said WHAT???

From my daughter to me on Wednesday night:

Okay this is probably stupid and not something to lose sleep over but I just can't seem to let it go. So I'm hoping if I say something I might be able to sleep.
After we got back and you left I was talking to grandpa and I asked him about Friday. He gave me a funny look and I said do you want to go walk out at the mall? He replied "I know your grandmother is going to want to go. Kirklands is having a big sale and lost their lease"

I didn't know what to say... My head was saying did we not just go through all this ? She's not a person u can take shopping..
I'm sitting there worried about staying there with them while you guys are gone and he wants to take her shopping at the mall?!?!?!

All I said was I am not taking her to the mall. And he changed the subject. I don't know why it's driving me nuts but it just keeps repeating in my head. I know grandpa doesn't want to acknowledge everything but is he really that oblivious?

She's gone. She's lost and every day I see her it's so much worse.

I just wanted to cry in the ER... I did this evening. That's not my grandmother. She's not even a normal person.... Sorry you already know all that. I just needed to tell u about grandpa and saying grandma is going to want to go to the mall
I love you and think about you every day

Me to my daughter: What gets me about that is that he knows Gma would be going to Daycare- why would he even think you would be taking her to the mall?
Probably when you said that, he had the Kirklands thing on his mind and was thinking- sure, yeah, Gma would like to do that.
Probably if you had said- "No Gpa- AFTER we drop Gma off at daycare" it would have brought him back to reality. I don't know.

After we went to Wal-Mart for Valentines- he knows how difficult shopping can be with her. But old habits die hard.
He knows. He looks across the table every day at her. He knows.

My daughter to me:

There are times and things he says and does sometimes..
It's like either he doesn't know, is refusing to admit it, or just doesn't care. I don't know anymore. It's hard for me since he was my only close friend for years, and right now there are times when I really don't understand or like him.
Thank you though I do feel better about yesterday. I hope today goes much better for you guys and I'll see you tomorrow.

Friday- My daughter took Mom to Daycare and took Dad to the mall. When they got home, my daughter told me she was glad they had gone to the mall. And she said she was certain Dad wouldn’t say anything to Mom because the last time they went to the mall he indicated it wouldn’t be good to tell her- it would just upset her. My daughter was happy to spend the time with him.


After Dinner- I sent this to my daughter… (Gpa is my Dad, Gma is my mother)

Gpa: I don't think I told you, Cheryl and I went to the mall today.

Gma: You went to the mall? Well I wish I had...

Gpa: Yeah- we went to the Hallmark store and saw so and so and whose it and so and so etc.

Gma: You went to the mall? Did you see so and so?

Gpa: No she wasn't there. They're closing the store on Sunday.

Gma: Why are they closing the store? Can I go see them before they close?

Gpa: No you can't.

Gma: But I want to. If I had known you were going to the mall... Why did you go?

Me: (Whispering to Gpa) To get your glasses fixed.

Gpa: To go to the Hallmark store and say goodbye to everyone.

Gma: I wanted to go. Why didn't I get to go?

Me: I sent them to get Dad’s glasses fixed.

Gma: Did you get your glasses at the Mall?

Gpa: No

Me: No, he got them right by the mall.

Gma: Well that’s not where I get my glasses! I want to go to the mall.

Gpa: You can’t.

Thanks a lot Dad!

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