Friday, January 21, 2011


Dad got up at 7AM to give Mom her pills and came to find me when he couldn’t find the pills… I explained I just wanted to make sure Mom was up at 7AM. I will still give her the pills, just need her to be up. Dad went back to bed.


Mom had a dentist appointment  at 9AM. First time to this dentist and she was nervous. She really doesn’t like going to the dentist. She was worried because this dentist is a woman and (she says) the last woman dentist she saw laughed at her when she found out Mom has Lichen Planus. She says, “She laughed and laughed and laughed. She thought it was so funny. I don’t find anything funny about it at all.” I have no idea if this actually happened and I have my doubts of course.

Mom had lost a crown and also has a bad cavity in another molar. She has been putting off seeing the dentist about the cavity. She wanted her periodontist, Dr. S to deal with it and she just wouldn’t listen when we said he doesn’t do that. She didn’t like her other dentist and so when she moved in with us, we tried to switch her to our dentist.

We got to the appointment and she was fine. While I was sitting waiting, I got a phone message that a member of our congregation had passed away. She had a stroke earlier in the week and so it wasn’t a surprise. I felt a little helpless tied up with Mom at the dentist and then knowing I was going to have to take her and Dad to the hairdresser too after the dentist. I called Dear One and asked if she might be able to help out with the transportation and found out that she had just gotten home at 7 AM after riding with my son-in-law in the semi all night. The Boy was staying there, so I asked if he might be able to come home and help out for awhile, but he was staying there to watch the littlest one while Dear One and her husband got some sleep.

So I made some more phone calls and and sent some text messages while I waited for Mom. When she came out with the dentist, the dentist told us she was able to reuse the crown.(Yeah!) But that the other tooth needs to some out.

So Mom and Dr. M and I talked about how to go about this. Dr. M said she could do it in the office or Mom could go to an oral surgeon. Mom said she’s had teeth pulled both ways before (I didn’t know) and she didn’t really care as long as she didn’t have general anesthesia. We left it that we would give Mom a few days to think about it and then make appointments. Mom isn’t having pain, but there is a chance of infection.

Took Mom and Dad to get hair done/cut. Mom griped about the hairdresser, that she doesn’t bring her coffee (Mom no longer drinks coffee except on very rare occasions) and she doesn’t like the way she does it, doesn’t like her perm, doesn’t like…I told her I could look for someone else in the area. This just irritated her. So I told her (tongue in cheek) that I would be happy to do her hair. That made her more upset. I do know better… Smile

Spent rest of the day talking to folks about the deceased and working on Sunday’s service. Not too bad a day considering everything…

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