Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Meeting

Notes from Family Meeting on Wednesday 1/19/2011

To make things a bit easier on me with my job and other  responsibilities at home the following were discussed and approved.
1. I need a schedule I can rely on and need to be able to leave the house no later than 8AM most days- some days I must leave earlier.
2. In order to make sure that can happen, my Dad will set his alarm and make sure my Mom  is up at 7 AM so she can receive her pre-breakfast pills. If necessary, “after-breakfast-pills” can be taken later in the morning- just not on an empty stomach.
3. Appointments for Dad and Mom will be set up on Wed and Thu if possible and before 2:00 pm so my dear daughter(Dear One)  can take them to appointments.
4. One day a week (Tue-Thu) Dear One will start dinner.
5. On evenings The Boy (my son)  is home, he can give Mom medicines at bedtime so I can get to sleep earlier if I want/need to.
6. When my office door is closed- it means do not bother me unless it is a life threatening emergency. The same goes for the bathroom or bedroom.
7. If the door to my living room is closed and locked, it means privacy is needed and should be respected. Only life threatening emergencies should cause a disruption.
8. If Mom has computer problems, she can ask Dear One for help on Tue, Wed or Thu.
9. On days The Boy is home and my DH is working, he can fill humidifiers to free up DH’s time in the evening.
10. Medications for Dad will be left on the top shelf of the hutch to keep away from children who might be visiting.
11. The Boy can cook dinner one night a week.
12. Dad will continue to make salads.
13. Mom  will continue to set the table.
14. We will all put dirty our dishes in the dishwasher. Glasses, cups and silverware need to be washed in the dishwasher to help keep us healthy.
15. Adult Daycare will be tried for Mom

16. A monthly meeting time will be determined.

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