Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning Conversations

Dad: It's not going to be a good day...

Me: Why?

Dad: The first words your mother said to me were:"I'm angry with you!"

Me: Why is she angry?

Dad: I asked her why and she said: "If you don't know why, I'm not going to tell you!"

Me: Laughing- Better you than me Dad!

Dad: Thanks kid- your time will come!

Scene: Giving Mom her after breakfast pills

Mom: My mouth is a mess.

Me: Do you have a lesion from your Lichen Planus?

Mom: I think so.

Me: Are you using the dental paste the doctor gave you?

Mom: It's not really a paste. But there is the other medicine you told me I could take, but I don't like it either. I need a steroid.

Me: The last time we went into the doctors, they wouldn't give you a steroid for that.

Mom: I need that steroid that starts with the letter "P." I think...

Me: We can talk to Dr. P when we see her next week, but now you should use the topical  medicine they gave you.

Mom: Why can't I remember what that steroid is? I need to take it.

Me: Use the topical stuff and then we can ask about the steroid.

Mom: They probably won't give me a steroid because I refuse to take them. They make me feel crazy. I don't like that feeling.

Me: Okay. Mom, if you don't use the topical medicine the way its prescribed it won't get better.


Scene: Drinking coffee with Mom in her living room. Quiet and then:

Mom: Blueberries.

Me: What?

Mom: You got me eating blueberries with my cereal and I like it.

Me: Good.

Mom: I've never seen them so cheap.

Me: When?

Mom: The blueberries.

Me: What?

Mom: I've never seen them so cheap.

Me: I'm not following...

Mom: When you bought blueberries they were cheap.

Me: Okay.

Mom: How did you get them so cheap?

Me: I don't know...

Mom: Don't you understand what I'm talking about?? (upset)

Me: No, I guess not... maybe I need more coffee?

Mom: Well I thought I could make myself more clear.


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Cher said...

Did you miss me? :) Tommy says "WE LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!) I just read Today's blogs to him.. If you reread Today's Post as Jim Carry it's really quiet funny and not as stressful :) Hope that helps. I'll see you in the morning so I can take grandma to the foot Dr. :) WE LOVE YOU!! And Tommy and I promise not to move any furniture tomorrow... umm well make it I promise not to he seems to think it would be fun :)