Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change of Plans

It is not quite 5 AM and we should be almost to the hospital for Dad’s surgery.

Yesterday afternoon the hospital called us at about 2:30 pm to confirm the time of Dad’s surgery and went through all the pre-surgical questions and gave me all of the pre-surgical instructions.

Twenty minutes later I get a phone call from the doctor’s office.

Them: “Dr. C has rescheduled your father’s surgery to 11/15. Monday.”

Me: 11:15? We just got the call to be there at 5:30 AM.

Them:  No- not 11:15 AM—Monday -- Nov 15th. You will probably need to have him here at 5:30 AM. We will call you on Friday afternoon to verify the time.

Me: Wait- no. He is scheduled for tomorrow.

Them: Dr. C had to change the day. There’s an emergency surgery scheduled tomorrow now.

Me: But- wait. We have everything arranged. People have taken time off work, schedules have been re-arranged. I don’t understand.

Them: Dr. C had to change the date of the surgery. I’m sorry.

Me: I am too. Good bye. (CLICK)

Earlier in the day I spoke with my daughter who had unbeknownst to me made arrangements to make sure she was available to come and stay at our house last night, so she would be able to help me get my folks up and out early this morning.

She and my son had figured it all out:

Where they were going to leave my son’s car so he could attend class on Thursday evening.

My son-in-law had made arrangements at work to take Wed night and Thu night off so he could stay at home with the kids so my DD could be here with us. (He’s a truck driver) This means he has to pick up a couple of Sunday night runs to make up for the lost money, but he was willing to do that.

She had planned on bringing dinner so I wouldn’t have to worry about it since I had meetings last night.

I called her. And told her that if they were still in Big Town they should probably just pick up my son’s vehicle and bring it home.

Agggh. I don’t feel like writing this all out.

To shorten an already long story- I called the hospital “patient relations” hot line and told them what was going on. I cried. I explained  how difficult it has been with getting these appointments and the lack of communication within the hospital about my dad’s care.

They called the doctor’s office and someone from there called me back. I again explained my concerns- my dad has to wait 5 more days. He has been waiting for the next stroke. He has been off of his blood thinner and now will be for 5 more days. My mother has Alzheimer’s. We have to take her into consideration and make plans for someone to be with her at the hospital at all times. All our plans were made.  This is a disruption in the lives of more than one person. etc etc.

She was sympathetic. The doctor had a tough choice to make. He chose to treat someone else he thinks is more in danger than my dad. Now all his surgery’s are backed up.

So here we are. The wait is still on.  I can’t read how Dad is taking it. I don’t think it has hit Mom yet (although we told her) that Monday is her birthday.

I think I have calmed down. Went to prayer group and apologized to God for being so anxious. Felt more calm after that.

Switching gears now and gearing up for Monday.



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Cher said...

As angry and upset as I was that this happened.. with that Hospital who is supposed to be #1 that there isn't back up plan.. I do realize as in all things God has a plan for us.. Maybe it was that he new the surgeon couldn't handle the surgery that day.. or maybe Grandma or Grandpa couldn't have.. But it amazes me the things that have been able to be altered so that things can still go smoother then not.

Hubby has always had issues at work getting off and yet it was no problem to put him back on the schedule for Thursday and off Monday.. That NEVER Happens.. There is a reason for everything and though at the moment I was VERY upset.. after thinking about it there is a reason we don't know and may never will know, that everything changed... Loves and hugs and will see you Sunday!