Friday, June 25, 2010

Phone call with Dr.A

I sent a short letter to Dr. A at the beginning of the week to let him know of the musical hallucinations Mom has been having. Dad and I did not mention them when we saw him two weeks ago. I decided to call Dr. A to let him know what had happened on Monday and to find out what he is going to say on Wednesday. I don't want to be blindsided again. Two years ago when he diagnosed MCI I was in shock. I was certain he would say Alzheimer's, but he didn't. Dad was in shock because he did really think there was anything wrong.

Dr. A was kind enough to call me back and I explained what was going on and that we felt we needed to know what is going to happen on Wednesday; we need to know what he is going to tell Mom.

Dr. A said Mom's MCI has progressed to Alzheimer's. He will be telling her it is time to relinquish money decisions, overseeing her medication and that he will recommend she no longer drives. He will also recommend she take an anti-depressant.

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