Thursday, June 24, 2010

Car and Driver

Dad has a new car. I started to write, "Mom and Dad have a new car." But it is Dad who owns the car, Dad who will drive the car. Not Mom.

Mom doesn't like the new car. It's silver, their last car was silver. It's a two door, she hates two doors.

 "Mom, Dad got a two door because it is easier to get in the wider doors."

Mom says she has no problem getting in or out of a car

"Mom- Dad does. He has had two knee replacements and a bad back, remember?"

Mom doesn't like it.

When they went to pick up the car, the dealer handed Mom a set of keys. When she got home, I asked her for the keys. Dad asked me to- he was getting enough grief about the car as it was. I told her we need to have a set of keys in the garage so we can move the car if we need to.

She wanted to keep the keys. She wants to drive the car. If Dad gets sick, she wants to drive him to the hospital. Had to be the bad guy again. "No Mom, you aren't' driving. No- not even around the block. No- if Dad gets sick we will get help you do not have to drive. No Mom you are not going to drive. No. No. No."

She gave me the keys- very angry- almost threw them.

They are now in the garage buried under other keys...

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