Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was surprisingly calm. I had my two church services and when I came home, Dad and my DH took Mom and I out to eat. We went to a buffet and of course being Mothers Day it was packed and we had to stand in line for quite a while to get in. 

Mom started talking to a man behind her in line who was in a wheel chair. The first thing she said to him was "Your lucky to be in that chair." Nice guy even laughed a bit. Mom was flirting(?) and asked him if she could sit on his lap and he said yes. His wife was there and she laughed. I'd say they were about my age or a little older. Then a man came up to be with that couple who was an old friend of my husband's family, Jerry F. Jerry remembered me, but couldn't remember D's name until I told him. He said he is having memory problems too. He remembered my dad and remembered golfing with him. Mom and Jerry didn't remember ever having met, which is possible.

Before we were done eating, Jerry came over and asked if we would like to see his cabin. It was supposed to be a get-a-way place for he and his wife, but his wife kicked him out about 4 years ago and that's where he lives.

So we took a road trip and saw his cabin. It is very nice, on about 19 acres, near a river and woods. He rents out farm land to a local farmer and he grows vegetables for local restaurants. He is probably about 80- years old. He also writes religious tracks and gave us what he has written. He is very lonely.

Dad wrote him an email soon after we got home. It would be nice if they corresponded a little with each other. 

We came home about  3pm. We had told Mom and Dad that since we had a huge lunch, we would all be on our own for any other meals that day.

Mom set the table about 5pm and asked me what we were having for dinner. I told her she was on her own.  She didn't remember that we had a huge lunch, but then said she wasn't very hungry.

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