Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Rainy Saturday Morning

I'm  sitting in the peace and quiet of the early morning listening to the rain falling gently outside. No storms, no thunder or lightning, just a peaceful rain. I've been up for more than an hour reading. My alarm went off at 5 am, but I hit the snooze and stayed in bed for awhile.

I'm praying this peaceful rain will stay peaceful and that it is sign of the day to come. It would be nice to have it stop soon and the grass dry out so the Easter Egg hunt can take place outside of the church this afternoon, but it will be what it will be.

Holy Week is almost over and I have been blessed beyond belief. The Good Friday service was well attended and everything went very well.

The week was rocky at times at home. I've been in the dog house a number of times this week with Mom. Had nightmares of my mother "grounding" me...

I am still learning how not to react- and I haven't gotten the "therapeutic fibbing" down. I had an auction house come to get the rest of the "stuff" that was at the condo and had to cal dad to double check on something. Mom overheard the conversation and later asked me a point blank question about my being at the condo. I told her I had been and she wanted to know if it was to set up a garage sale. I told her I didn't have time for that and had someone come from a auction house to get the leftovers to sell.

She was upset- wanted to go through the "stuff" one more time in case she wanted to bring home some more of it. I told her all the things that went into the auction were things she had OKed to get rid of. (the truth) She denied that. And was angry.

The next day at dinner she wanted to know when the auction was going to be and if it was going to be in their garage. She wants to bid on her luggage. I told her she can borrow mine if she needs luggage. She swears I have gotten rid of luggage already packed and now won't be able to go on a trip at a moments  notice. She is mad at me.

Another day she got some makeup in the mail she ordered, but it is not what she wanted- but it is what she ordered. Now she has 5 of the same thing (and she had already given me some before she ordered it- I don't like the makeup line but have learned to accept what she wants to give me) I find in my dresser a small tube of what it is she wanted to order and try to give it to her. She is suspicious that I have taken it from her and wants to know where I "found" it. I tell her it was mine and I kept it in my room and she wants to know where so she knows where to look for hers. I try to explain it was mine and I have no idea if she has any or where it might be. She gets angry because I won't tell her where I found it.

The temperature is never right in the house. Too hot, too cold. She was too hot one night when she slept, even though she had the windows open and the fan going. Of course she wore a heavy long sleeve nightgown to bed and had her heavy quilt on the bed as well. Her bathroom is too cold in the mornings (probably because the fan is on and the windows open- even when the furnace is running) When she is cold, she won't put on a sweater and if she is hot, she won't take off her sweater. She wants to constantly play with the thermostat.

Mom was afraid she had no money left in her checking account and went to the bank. They balanced her checkbook and found she had $400 more than what she thought. She told me she was going to start figuring out her balance using her head and not an "additioner." "Additioners" don't do as good a job as her brain does. Oh my.

D is talking about getting a new thermostat with a lock on it. He's afraid this summer we will live in a refrigerator if we are not careful.

A dear, dear friend, L, is worried about me and this arrangement. I will get help as it is needed and I will do everything I can to stay healthy.

Dad seems happy and content with this new life and I am happy he is not handling this burden on his own.

Had a religious "argument" this week. Mom told me I needed to remember the 4th commandment- "Honor your mother and father." I told her it is the 5th commandment (hence my blog address) She told me I was nuts. So I got out the Bible to show her how they are written in Exodus. She told me she didn't think the 10 Commandments were in the Bible. I reminded her of Moses bringing them down form the mountain top. She didn't know who I meant until I mentioned Charleton Heston- then she got it.

But who knew that the Catholics and Protestants have the 10 Commandments numbered differently? She brought out a book (Catholicism For Dummies) and sure enough it said the 10 Commandments were different for Catholics and Lutherans than for the other Protestant churches. Weird. Of course to Mom "her numbering is right. Not going to argue that- not important! Dad suggested checking with a Rabbi to see if either of us was right. LOL.

Well, I've been sitting writing for quite awhile and my second cup of coffee is cold. Time to get up and move a bit and start the day in earnest. It is still gently raining...

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Cher said...

So a priest, a minister and a Rabii.... hmm. What a way to lighten the mood grandpa :) Daddy is probably right a locking control unit would be best.. remember how freezing cold the condo always was?? I would always leave with a runny nose and then the heat would hit ugh..

I know this is not the ideal situation for everyone, but I can see a diffrence in grandpa.. seems like he has a bit more spunk and smile then he did... and is dealing better with Grandma.. in turn.

She asked how the service was today and seemed confused that there wasn't one.. Grandpa seemed happy to get hugs and a chocolate kiss from his "Birthday buddy" He and Kyera are getting a lot closer :)

I hope things work out for all of you, but I don't think Grandma will ever be happy any where any more.. she can't her disease won't let her be...

Lots a love and will see you tomorrow :)