Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday - MIssed the Party

Saturday I had a meeting scheduled at 8 AM with our local ministerial group about our upcoming Easter Sunrise Service. But when I got up and was getting ready for the meeting Dad told me he needed to go to the emergency room. When he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, his leg almost collapsed and he was afraid there was something wrong with his hip. He wasn't in a hurry to go- he just wanted to go sometime after breakfast. So I went to my meeting and told them I had to keep it short and told them why. Got done in about a half an hour. (As an aside- wouldn't you think that in a group of pastors, one of them might offer to pray for my dad...? Perhaps they did so after I left.)

So I got home quickly and gathered Mom and Dad into the car. About 6 hours later we were home. Dad has sciatica. They took an x-ray and the ER doctor wants him to be seen in the Spine Clinic. The 6 hours I spent with them took away from my time in the church office and so I didn't get the things done I needed for Sunday early enough to go to the surprise birthday party for a lady from the church. D and I were planning on going but there was no way to get it all done before and I was sure I'd be too tired after.

When I did get done, D and I watched The Blind Side. We both thought it was a great movie.

I tried to make light of not going to the party as I didn't want Dad to feel badly. Mom didn't remember we were going to a party, so it didn't matter to her.

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