Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Easter!

Easter has been a long and sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating and very tiring day.

Up at 4 am to get ready for the community Sunrise Easter Service. Thankfully, no one else as up! Sunrise service went off well. Breakfast following in the church basement. We had about 150 in worship (people up in the balcony!) and at least 100 for the breakfast.

Came home for about an hour to get ready for the 10 am service. Had a text message from my son saying he thought he might have strep throat and to call him. Tried to call him, no answer. D called him and left a message.

The 10 am service was nice. Not sure how many were in the service, but it was a lot- guess I'll find out when I see the attendance sheet. We had two baptisms and 4 people joined the church. We combined the traditional and contemporary service music and I believe it went well.  

Came home to find Mom upset. She couldn't find an expensive piece of jewelry and was really upset. She swore I put it in our safe (I didn't) To make a long story short- she argued that she had asked me to put it in the safe and so it must be there. She has never asked me to put anything in the safe.

She was mad but we still had to go to in laws to celebrate Easter and birthdays. Son called and he was staying  "home" and sleeping.

Easter dinner was wonderful and we had a nice time.  Came home and tried to relax, but son called and needed to go to Convenient Care. Another long story...

Long day, but when I got home, Mom had found piece of jewelry. Later she showed me where she is "hiding" it.  Doesn't want it in the safe, that would be too confusing (!?)

All in all- a long but nice day.

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Cher said...

Maybe it should grow leggs again and walks its way to the safe.... just like her watched walked into her purse :) Just a thought.. it would be bad to loose something special like that...

luv u