Friday, April 30, 2010


I wish I had taken a picture! Yesterday Mom went to a Past President's Luncheon for a volunteer organization she used to participate in. She had on more BLING than I had ever seen her wear!


Gold cross necklace, plus a long string of pearls.

Gold rings of all kinds on her hands. She must have had 7 or 8 different rings on. She was looking for another gold pendant necklace  to put on, but couldn't find it. Probably a good thing, as it was I'm not sure how she used her hands to eat (with her arthritis and all the weight of the rings) and another necklace might have weighed her neck down!

She had a great time and I was so happy she went. She said someone took pictures; I hope they send some to her.

Bless Dad for taking her!

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