Sunday, April 25, 2010

More medication worries

Well today when I got home from church I checked both Mom and Dad's meds. I found a medicine cup with three Aricept pills, 5 days of blood pressure medication and 7 days of an over the counter med Mom takes for arthritis.

After I found that, I filled Dad's pill box. Mom and Dad had gone to church elsewhere, so I was able to fill Dad's pill box without Mom knowing. That seems to work,  but this not taking meds is another story.

When I try to talk to her about it, she denies missing any pills or comes up with an excuse for not taking them. And she gets defensive and angry.

I know if I don't get one of the doctors to back me up, this is just going to keep happening and it could get even more dangerous. It may be time to have a recheck with the neuropsychiatrist.


Cher said...

What about possiably video taping things? I know this may sound funny but if we were to video tape get together or outings and medication's that are found and take that to the Dr. to support everything your saying? I know I could probably get away with it here and there when she's with me and the kids.. to send to "Corey"... I know the quick tests she'll probably still do good on...

Just a though didn't know if it would help...
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Remember the anasognosia?

She doesn't think there is anything wrong.

She is going to try and hang on to this as long as she can, because it is part of her identity.

Can you try at least getting her to move the meds to the kitchen? We started helping Mom by getting her to move the meds to the kitchen counter. Then, at every meal, we would gently remind her: Hey, Mom, don't forget your meds! When she started having trouble with that, then I would stand at the counter, and hand them to her with a glass of water, and say "Mom, let's take these now while you have a full tummy". Once she got to the point where she really had nothing to do with them, I began to dispense them into the little paper cups, and put them at her place at each meal. She happily takes them at every meal. I bought some craft boxes that have three rows of four squares at Wal-Mart, and the little paper cups fit just right into each little square. I make up two weeks worth of trays at a time, and I keep a "cheat sheet" with her meds in case something should happen to me, an alternate caregiver would be able to figure out her med schedule.

:::whew::: Sorry that was so long!

The last bit of advice I have for you is to check into one of the med dispensing machines; (do a search over at the forums, there are a lot of posts about them) you could help her pre-load it, and then it would be OBVIOUS if she didn't take her meds.

(((hugs))) Hang in there. Thim