Friday, February 11, 2011

A Day Without Day Care…

Do you remember when your kids were little and they had so much fun on one day that they got so tired and the next day they were like little bears? I think that is what happened yesterday. I could tell when Mom got up. Grouchy. Whiny. Demanding. I took a look at my schedule (my schedule!) to find some time to take Mom to get Valentines. I decided 4pm would be good. I needed to go to WalleyWorld  to pick up a prescription anyhow. Its 20 miles away and I figured if we went then, it would be at the end of my work day and I could come right home and fix dinner. (Or pick up dinner on the way home.)

So first thing in the morning I wrote down what my schedule was and left it out for Mom and Dad. The idea that I have a schedule seems to be a little unsettling for some in the household. What happened to the idea I could be interrupted from whatever whenever someone feels like it? How in the world did I get by without one?

I take my green organizer where ever I go and that seems to reinforce the idea. Mom now has decided that she doesn’t want to get her hair done at the day care. She doesn’t like the lady that did it. She only put four rollers in her hair and either blew it dry with the hair dryer or she sat under the hair dryer for only a couple of seconds (can’t decide which), and because it only took 10 minutes for her to get her hair done and it cost too much. So she wants me to set her back up with Pam for her hair. So we discussed the idea that I have a schedule and I might have to make changes in her schedule to accommodate this… She wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. But she did say she would accept what ever day and time Pam could do her hair, even if it meant not going to day care. We’ll see how this turns out.

We went to Wallyworld and Mom and Dad couldn’t find the huge displays of Valentines stuff, so I showed them where it was. And then Mom couldn’t find the boxed Valentines (to take to a party at the day care.) and I took her back to the Valentine stuff to show her those.


We got in line (I’m condensing this part- getting in line was like a Keystone Cops comedy) and Mom decided she had to go to the bathroom. As we faced the front of the store- the bathrooms were just to the right of our checkout line. Dad and I got things paid for and bagged and put in the cart and Mom wasn’t back. We parked the cart in front of the restroom and waited. Still no Mom. I was getting ready to go in to see if she was okay when we saw her at the entrance/exit at the other side of the store. She couldn’t find us. Even though we were only a few yards away from the bathroom and my Dad was wearing a BRIGHT ORANGE winter hiking jacket (similar to this- only brighter)

orange coat

So, instead of waiting for us near the bathroom, she decided we must have gone out to the car without her. In sub-zero wind-chills. So she went out to the car. In the parking lot. In the dark. In the cold without a hat. When she didn’t find us there, she came back. To say I was upset- with her and with myself is an understatement. I have a Alzheimer’s Safe Return bracelet for her but she complains about it so much I took it off. It will go back on.



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