Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aggravating day..

Life gets in the way…

Mom had been up early, upset because she didn’t sleep well the night before.The night before she wanted me to wait to give her sleeping pill to her until later in the evening, but I always give it to her at 10pm so I can get to bed. She refused to take it at 10pm, so she didn’t get it. And she didn’t sleep well. And of course it was my fault.

My daughter has a bad cold and fell back asleep this morning. She was going to take Mom to daycare. I tried calling her when she didn’t show up at her normal time and got her voice mail right off the bat. Her husband’s phone was out of minutes so I couldn’t reach him. So my husband and I took Mom to daycare so her could see where to go and how to check her in etc…

Mom and Dad were both worried about my daughter and after my initial mad I was too.  Its hard when you can’t get a hold of someone to find out what is going on and in this day and age where we expect instant communication it makes it harder.

Instead of coming right home, my DH wanted to stop and do a bit of shopping, which of course made sense since we were already near the store. But it cut into my already busy and late starting day.

The good thing was I found out at the daycare how Mom and the hairdresser got along and I am sure this is going to work out. The daycare director had gone to the hairdresser and explained how with Alzheimer’s patients it is important for them to still have some control in the areas they can control and in this case it is how my mother’s hair is done. The hairdresser, even though she works in the nursing home, doesn’t necessarily work with AD patients. She was very willing to listen and to adapt. So the hair dresser used a hand mirror so Mom could see how she was rolling it etc and they got along just fine. Yeah!

I worked on my attitude all day. Life happens and while I’m human and get aggravated at the same things everyone else get’s aggravated with I’m also trying to remember that how I feel is my choice.

I’ve been working a bit with my therapist on this- actually we had just discussed it. So I was given the opportunity to be tested and practice… The  aggravation was the things in my nice green planner didn’t get done! But- tomorrow is another day.

Seems unreasonable to say my whole day was “ruined” by the way the day started out but that is what I was letting happen. I was grateful for prayer group on Wednesday night to get me back to center. Looking forward to Thursday! 

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