Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Fun and Games

So…I get up really early this morning. 4:30AM actually. Can’t sleep. Couldn’t get to sleep till about midnight, so I am kind of doubtful as to the quality of the day to come…

But I got a lot done. Laundry, dishes, exercising. Shower, makeup, hair, light breakfast because I am going to a breakfast meeting with other pastors at 8AM in a small town nearby.  As long as Mom gets up at 7AM- which she should because Dad said he would get her up- no problem.

But 7AM comes and goes. And so does 7:15 as does 7:30. So here is my dilemma. I can go and try to wake up Mom- but there is no hurrying her. And if I try to wake her up, will she be mad and I’ll pay for it? Am I wimping out? I’m ticked off. Can I go into my parent’s bedroom and wake up my deaf mother without waking up my father? Should I even care if I wake up my father- after all, he was supposed to get her up!

7:50 AM, Mom gets up. I can see there is no light in her eyes. I meet her in her living room with her pills which upsets her.

“I just got up! Its too early for pills.”

“Mom you usually have your pills at 7AM.”

“I don’t want then now.”

“Mom please take them so I can get some more work done.”

“I don’t have my ears in wait a minute.”

She gets her hearing aid in.

“I don’t like being rushed.”

It is now 8:15AM. I am late and I will not be going. I send a text message to one of the other pastors hoping he receives it in a bad reception area.

“Mom, I was supposed to be at a meeting at 8AM this morning. Dad was supposed to make sure you got up.”


“So I could give you your pills before I left.”

“That’s too early!”

“Mom we agreed to this on Thursday.”

“Agreed to what?”

“When we had the family meeting we agreed you would get up at 7AM so I can have a schedule I can count on.”

“You had a family meeting without me?”

“No, you were there.”

“Well I think I should have some say in this!”

“You did.”

“Well I don’t remember!”


Dad gets up about 9AM.

I go in to talk with him in the kitchen.

“Dad. You didn’t get Mom up this morning.”

“Was I supposed to?”

“Yes, every morning at 7AM. Remember we talked about it. It was your suggestion to help me be on a schedule.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry.”

“Well, I missed an 8AM breakfast meeting because of it.”

“Oh honey. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay Dad.”


LONG but productive day. I am extremely tired- that 4:30 AM awakening was too early. No nap either. Wish I could get to bed early tonight, but The Boy is again babysitting at Dear One’s so no one else can give Mom her pills at 10PM.

Maybe I can snooze in the chair for awhile…

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