Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ha! So you all told me to keep writing! Now I can’t seem to stop…ComputerSmile


Last night my DH and I did a big grocery shop. We hadn’t had any bananas for a while, so we bought a big bunch of green ones.


So this morning, I go into the kitchen and Mom says to me:


“I have to ask you about the bananas.”


“I don’t understand why they are still green. We’ve had them a long time.” (Less than 12 hours!)

“Well, no Mom- actually we got them last night.”

“No, they’ve been sitting there for days and they are still green.”

“Well- I truly believe we got them last night…”

Well I wanted you to know I microwaved one of them to ripen it faster and it tasted awful.”

“You what? (Trying to keep a straight face) You microwaved one? In the skin?” Quickly walking to the microwave to see if there was exploded banana lining the interior of the microwave…

Looking at me as I needed to have my head examined… “Of course not! I peeled it first.”

“I don’t think that works Mom.”

“Well sunshine works.”

(I’m guessing heat and sunshine seem to be close to the same for her at this point)

“Well, if you just wait a few days, they’ll ripen up on their own.” (Giggling behind my hand and quickly walking into the other room where I laughed so hard…)


Mary said...

It is interesting how concepts get crossed in their brains, and often amusing as to the conclusions they draw. One day my husband was insisting that sound travels up (must have crossed "sound" with "heat" in his mind). Wouldn’t that be nice though – if sound did travel up? When children became too rambunctious in the afternoon, one could simply send them upstairs and enjoy some peace and quiet :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't even *imagine* what a microwaved GREEN banana must have tasted like!

I'm still LOL at the idea...

You have to admire her attempt at logic, though. I think your Mom is a lot like mine - determined to go down fighting, and last as long as she can. And while that sounds *great*, the reality is that it can be exhausting for the caregiver(s).

donna said...

Green bananas in the microwave. Doesn't sound good. I can't imagine how that tasted. It sounds like you are handling these situations well. I read a few posts and it sounds like you are looking ahead to help, daycare, inhome help and nursing homes. I've been through each and I have to say once the step was taken it was great relief to have help.