Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving Day! My only responsibilities were to take a grape salad to my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s house. Dad took the last bottle of his wine we had in the fridge as he always takes wine as a hostess gift.
As can be expected, going somewhere else and being around a lot of different people is difficult for someone with Alzheimer’s. It is also difficult for someone with a profound hearing loss. And when you put the two together it makes it even more difficult.

It was nice I wasn’t cooking so there wasn’t any fallout as far as the food goes. No complaints from Mom. The night before there were complaints as I didn’t make the acorn squash the same way she used to make it and so it wasn’t right. Sometimes I don’t think she realizes she talks under her breath and that I can hear her what she says. Other times I’m not so sure. I just keep telling myself that I really am a decent cook and I can’t take what she says to heart, but it is hard.

Mom gave my son-in-law a hard time at first- out of the blue wanted to know “What is your problem?” when he was talking with my son. This lead to a confusing bit of conversation. My SIL hasn’t had many one on one confusing conversations with Mom yet, so this one kind of threw him. He wasn’t sure what to say or do. She was upset with him and he didn’t know why.

One of the most curious things that happened was when Mom went to the closet and got her coat and put it on. None of us were ready to leave yet…but it was obvious she was ready! My DH got a bit upset- he didn’t say anything to Mom, but he remained in his seat. He wasn’t ready to leave his parents yet and I don’t blame him. In the end, we left earlier than we would have liked to.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Thanksgiving didn't go *quite* as you had hoped.

Now we are in (as Christians) one of the most meaningful times of the year.

No matter what happens at Christmas, remember that your Mom does NOT intend to "ruin" things. AD is a selfish, cruel disease.

You know that I will continue to hold you, your Mom and Dad, and your entire family close in prayer.

(((hugs))) Thim