Sunday, November 28, 2010


Mom: Your Dad’s bathroom door is closed.
Me: Okay…
Mom: Your dad is taking a nap.
Me: Okay…?
Mom: I don’t think our grandson is in there. The light is off.
Me: No, he’s in the garage working on his car.
Mom: But the bathroom door is CLOSED. (panicky)
Me: You can open the door Mom.
Mom: Are you sure its okay?
Me: Yes
Mom: (relieved) Good!

I hear Mom and Dad in the kitchen arguing. I can hear the microwave running.
I walk in and Mom is holding her cup with a teabag in it. Dad is microwaving a potpie. I can see the problem.
Me: Are we having problems sharing?
Mom: Yes! Your father won’t let me use the microwave!
Dad: I am fixing my lunch!
Mom: Well how much longer? I just want to make a cup of tea.
Dad: Use the tea kettle!
Mom: No! I will wait for the microwave.
Dad: I’ll just stop it now and let you use it.
Me: No Dad. Finish heating your lunch Mom can wait a minute.
Mom pouts.

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