Thursday, November 11, 2010


Mom is having a difficult time remembering when Dad is going to have his surgery. It happens to be her birthday that day (November 15) and it seems she has not been able to put those two ideas together. She did have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for that day, but I have canceled it. The office is to call me with a new day and time.

Mom scratched off her appointment from her calendar, but keeps asking me and Dad why she can’t go. And then she wants the new date and time- but there isn’t one yet. So this is confusing to her as well.

She wants me to take her to Mass on Saturday night and I will try to do so. She said she is having trouble following the Mass on TV.

Today has been a hard day for her. I hope tomorrow is better.


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Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry about the schedule change.

Believe me, I understand how it can impact on things. When TW had his knee surgery, I about went crazy trying to make sure that I had someone with Mom for the next 24 hours or so, since I knew that I would need to be with TW.

I can't imagine how stressed I would have been if they had called and changed it!

Try to remember that it is still MUCH better that the surgeon re-schedules your Dad's surgery for a day and time when he won't be too tired, or too stressed out. After all, we all want that surgeon to be in the best possible physical and mental state when he is operating on your Dad, right?

You are doing an *amazing* job of take care of your parents - and what a marvelous family you have, to arrange all of that help for you! :)

I'll continue to think of you, and hold all of you in my heart and my prayers.

(((Hugs))) Thim