Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Fall

Never a dull moment in this household! Thursday morning my DD (dear daughter) and my SS (sweet son) planned on taking dad to his eye doctor appointment. Mom would of course be going too.

On the way out of the house into the garage are two steps. Before my parents moved in, my DH (dear husband) made the bottom step larger to match the step my parents had in their garage,  so when stepping down to that first step, there is more room to get your balance. He had also installed hand rails and had covered the step with carpeting so it  would not be slippery.

Mom always tries to carry her purse, (or as Dad calls it her security blanket) her cane, and at least two books while going down the steps. She doesn't want "help."

Well, as they were getting ready to leave, I heard a big BANG and a thud and Mom crying. She had tried to go down the step with all of her stuff and had either

a) slipped and fallen because she was wearing slick bottom shoes with no traction.

b) fallen because her knee buckled

c) lost her balance and fell

However it happened, she went down HARD on her bottom and hit the back of her head on the door frame.

Change of plans. My SS took my dad to the eye doctor. My DD stayed home with Mom and made sure she was okay. I gave Mom some Tylenol and got ready for my appointment with my new accountability group.

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