Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Quick Post...

A quick post before bed.

This morning Mom couldn't find the report Dr. A had given her. She swore she put it in a certain place and kept saying, "I know I put it there, it didn't grow legs and walk away!" She kept asking me if I was SURE I hadn't taken it.

"I'm not accusing you of anything. But it would be impossible for me not to remember where I put it. I wanted to read it this morning."

Impossible for her not to remember where she put the report that tells her she has Alzheimer's?  Alice! Make room in the rabbit hole! This made all the sense in the world to her and I wanted to try to make a joke- but decided it wouldn't be a good idea.

We looked every where. High and low and in between. I finally found it. Actually very close to where she knew she had left it. Just not in the right drawer and she didn't remember filing it the way she did. Unless it DID grow legs and wander there...

I made copies of it and gave her the original. I took part of the day and went to the bank and Social Security to make some changes in her accounts.

I also went to the bank and cashed a check and gave Mom and Dad each $50. I told Dad this did not feel right at all. He didn't understand what I meant until I said the words "role reversal." This just doesn't bother him, but it still does me.

Mom was not thrilled with her "allowance." "Oh, wow. A fifty dollar bill. Whoopee." Seriously- that's what she said.

Tomorrow is another day and perhaps I'll have time to write more.

Thank you to everyone who sends me their love and comments by email or in person.

Even on the bad days- if I seem down- I know I am not alone. Your friendship, your love, your prayers, and your laughter keep me going.

And though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I know that I am not alone. God's love and his promise are forever in front of me. God's words are written in my heart where they can never be removed. And for those of you who love me but don't believe- I still thank God for you each and every day.

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Cher said...

Grandma is so used to having money at any given time I'm sure it will be hard for her to adjust.. Grandpa.. not so much... he buys a book here and there.. gas ect... not $60 purses and of course you need shoes to match... :) I've wanted to come out but really couldn't afford to have the car away from Corey in case of a job interview or also use the gas.. after we had it all planned out and then Kyera ended up with a trip to the ER we've realized that there are things we just can't "plan" for... I hope all is going well... after Corey goes to this new job.. I'd be happy to take Grandma to Hair appointments and stuff again if needed.. I've missed it.... Praying and thinking about you all.. Love you!