Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peace Found- Along With Joy

Mom and Dad went to church this morning and have been gone all day. They just got home and Dad came in to tell me that while they were at the mall, Mom stopped and talked to two of their acquaintances at the jewelry store. Mom told them she has Alzheimer's. Dad said she was matter-of-fact about it. She said she doesn't recognize it, but that evidently others do.

I am so grateful Lord. I am so grateful. What I perceived as being something bad, her not talking about the AD, was just not what i thought. She has accepted this for now and she is talking about it to others. I am sorry for having such little faith.

Perhaps I was right when I thought my feelings had something to do with the Quaker song, "Tis A Gift To Be Simple." How blessed I am. And what a blessing for Mom to find acceptance. Maybe the joy was right in front of me and it was my eyes that were blind- not Mom's.

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Cher said...

Wow, I'm glad she talked to the lady's at the jewlrey store about it! They have noticed some changes over the last year or so, last time I talked to C she asked if every thing was okay... They love talking to grandma and grandpa and are very excepting. C lives in Homer and has known us for a long time. I'm just so glad she is comfortable enough to talk about it! Wonderful!