Friday, March 5, 2010

What A Difference a Day Makes!

Thursday went so well at Mom and Dad's! I could feel the prayers of the saints praying for us as I worked. My attitude was so much better and my patience level was back where it should be.

Dad packed his clothes and Mom worked on packing her desk. That was a big surprise! I thought I would have to pack the desk myself with her being upset and hovering over me to make sure I didn't throw away anything important. So now I can tell Mom she helped with the packing and how much I appreciate it. And I do!

I got most of the kitchen packed, at least as far as dishes and utensils. I am still bringing home food- and am still finding some very interesting and old items.

So far, the oldest thing I've found is a packet of Adolphs Marinade. The coupon on the back expires December 31, 1981. It is older than my son and almost as old as my daughter. This is a reminder to me to keep track of what I have in my pantry! Or maybe I should keep this packet and hide it for my children to find! That would really give them something to talk about!

Dad is seeing the doctor today and I'm glad because he is not feeling a lot better. I'm praying when I get to the condo today he will be better, but he is just so very tired. I guess at 85 it takes longer to bounce back from things and being under stress like this doesn't help I'm sure.

Well time to get to work and face the day. Praises for my wonderful husband who is taking a lot of the burden off my shoulders and did everything around the house yesterday that I mentioned needed to be done. Thank God for him!

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Cher said...

You realize that means they MOVED that to the condo from the old house :)LOL If you hide that for us to find that would be funny I don't think we'd ever forget it.. from one house to another to another right? Hope today goes just as well.