Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I got a little work done, Mom and Dad went to get their address changed on their driver's licenses. We had family over for dinner for my granddaughter's birthday. R turned 9 on Saturday, but it was too soon after the move and I was gone at an all day meeting on Saturday, so we didn't celebrate then. I, of course, did call her and sang "Happy Birthday" Saturday morning during a break.

Mom and I went for a short walk today outside. It was a beautiful sunny day. We walked down to the little grocery store about two blocks away and sat on their benches for a bit and then headed back.

Mom also fell going down the steps to the sidewalk. D has built another step and is going to put up hand rails.

Nothing was mentioned about my "losing it" yesterday... If there is one saving grace in this disease it's perhaps she will forget those types of things.

Today she can't figure out where the couch went. They brought their couch here and it was too big for their sitting room. We gave away an old hand-me down-couch of ours, and my DH moved their couch into the family room two days ago. She has actually sat and watched TV in the family room sitting on the couch, but today, she can't remember where it went.

Hired a house keeper today. She starts a week from tomorrow. Can't wait! She came highly recommended and seems like she will be fine. She'll come every other week.

Helped a lady get her insulin today(helped her last month too- (luckily she will be getting some more help next month from Catholic Charities) and visited with an older member of the church whose son was burned yesterday. He has third degree burns over 55% of his body and is in a burn unit. The parishioner is upbeat and trusts that God will take care of things. She herself is very ill and is on oxygen 24/7. She is 85 years old and has a very unhealthy heart. But she does not complain about anything.

I can't complain either. I am blessed. My parents are safe, my family is supportive and my church cares as well.

God is Good
All the Time

All the Time
God is Good

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