Monday, March 14, 2011

Polly DON”T put the kettle on…Had to take the knobs off of the stove tonight…

Mom has been making tea in the microwave and then when her tea is made, she puts on the tea kettle on the stove. It goes off and if she hears it, she reaches over the steaming kettle to turn off the stove. I don’t know how she has escaped from being burned.

I told her she shouldn’t use the stove anymore and she said I am treating her like a child. (Yes- I am.) I asked her why she put the kettle on AFTER she had already made her tea. “So it would be hot when her tea cup is empty.” After she left the room- my DH pulled all of the knobs off.


Better safe than sorry…

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Cher said...

Thank you, thank you.. one less worry. She's been scaring me with that for a while. I know it's hard.
I love you!