Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frequent Flyer Miles…

Back to the ER again- this time with Dad. Yesterday morning when I got up he told me he was coughing up blood. And had abdominal pain. Called the Patient Advisory nurse whose advice was of course to go to the ER. Which I expected but Dad would not go until Mom had left for daycare and did not want to tell Mom what was happening. That I understood- but hey- the E in ER means EMERGENCY!

Left before Mom went to Daycare under the guise of taking Dad in to get an INR. Which of course, he got. Along with a CT scan of his gut, numerous blood tests and chest X-rays. The conclusion? Constipation and possible pneumonia. Or maybe bronchitis… Giving him IV antibiotics. They kept him in the hospital. Went home. Mom very unhappy and confused to find Dad not at home. Could not understand why we would leave her at daycare while he was in the hospital.

The truth is- I can barely handle being in the ER when my mom is the patient. No way can I gracefully and graciously handle my Mom in the ER while Dad is a patient.

Took Mom out to dinner last night to a buffet she likes. She took loads of food, ate less than half, tried three different desserts, and wrapped up food in a dirty napkin to take home. She had her walker and put it in the basket under the seat. We threw it out when we got home and she forgot about it.

Talked to Dad last night and they did a CT scan of his chest. Talked to the nurse later and she said they are still giving him the antibiotics as a precautionary measure. They don’t think he has pneumonia… CT scan of abdomen may have shown some leakage around the stent in his abdominal aorta- one radiologist thinks so, one does not and the surgeon who did the surgery will decide. Mom does not know this.

Going to take Mom in the morning to see Dad. And then wondering what will happen after that?

I missed one appointment yesterday and am missing another as I sit here typing. I will not miss church tomorrow unless a major problem arises… But if Dad doesn’t come home today- what am I going to do with Mom tomorrow??? Mom may have to go to church with me for the whole morning…My DH has to work too…

Signing out now- I guess I will see where this day takes me.

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Cher said...

Did they ever decide about the stint? Just wondering!