Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So much going on…

Dad is still in the hospital in ICU. Sat up in a chair most of the day. Walked around. But BP kept going too low- 96/46. 98/56. 101/56…

They ended up giving him dopamine to increase his blood pressure. Last night it seems BP was okay- but heart rate wasn’t. I don’t know all the details.

I am trying to eat a heart healthy diet. I really am tired of Cardiology and all this entails and would rather give up chocolate cake and greasy hamburgers than to end up with a scar going down my chest and both sides of my neck. My cholesterol has “always” been too high and I can’t take statin drugs. And its up to me what I put in my mouth.

Eating out is a pain- what you think might be healthy sometimes turn out to be horrible. Case in point- we have been eating a lot at Perkins because it is close to the hospital-

I chose to eat the Cavatappi Marinara Pasta with Chicken. Sounds healthy- pasta, marinara sauce and grilled chicken. Okay- without the sliced hoagie and whipped butter- the dish had 970 calories and 53 grams of fat! Why?? And using their calculator I have found they have NO heart healthy dishes on their menu. When I have time (HA!) I will write them a letter. Their broccoli has 5 grams of fat…

Mom is having a really difficult time with this hospitalization. She seems to be losing words. She misses Dad so much!  Even though they mainly watch TV together, its having that warm presence in the room with you that matters to her.

She got a birthday card from my mother-in-law and didn’t know who that was- she thought it was from my daughter.

She asked for two magazines in the surgical waiting room when she wanted rubber bands.

She can’t remember the names of her best friend’s children. She is upset because her best friend has grey hair and doesn’t remember she has had it for many years.

She thinks I have control over whether or not her emails get to the people they are sent to and thinks I am not letting them through.

She found some medication in her robe pocket and in a moment of clarity realized she needed to give them to me. The next day, she tells me someone must have put them in her pocket to make her think she is going crazy, but she would NEVER do that.

She keeps telling people Dad had surgery in his chest.

My church’s boiler died and decisions are being made on what to do now. I’m not much help, as I am not around right now.

Church services still need to be planned,  and sermons’ written.

Bills need to be paid, banking done, people called, laundry, meals etc. Life just keeps on happening. So much going on…

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