Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dad Still in Hospital

Dad is still in the hospital though we are hoping he will come home today. His heart rate and blood pressure are not cooperating with each other, so to make a long story short, they have rearranged  his heart meds in hope that this will bring his heart rate down without bottoming out his BP.

Its been a long week. Hospital visits where you stay in the room waiting for a doctor to come in to find out some news are exhausting. That was Friday. I sat in the chair in Dad ‘s room from 9am until we finally heard something at 4pm. When I got up to use the bathroom, I told my son not to let a doctor leave if they should happen to come in.

Mom hasn’t seen Dad in two days. Friday is of course hair day, and I went in early (before her hair appointment) so I could ‘catch’ the doctor and find out what was happening. That led to the all day event of sitting in the chair. When I got home, Mom was angry she hadn’t gone with me. She thought I left after her hair appointment and just didn’t take her with me. I tried to explain I left at 8:30am and she wasn’t even dressed yet.

Then yesterday- the fog was so heavy we couldn’t even see across the street. Dad called and said he would be there at least until Sunday morning. I asked him if he would mind if we stayed home and he was fine with that. He knows I’ve missed a lot at church and needed to get ready for Sunday.

So Mom missed seeing him for two days. I’m praying he’ll be able to come home today.

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