Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Very Nice Day

Monday was a holiday-Columbus Day. My secretary had the day scheduled off and I decided I NEEDED to take a full day off. So other than one phone call to the church to find out why my secretary was working on her day off (!?!) I basically avoided church stuff.

I told Dad the night before we would go somewhere- but we kept it a surprise for Mom so if something happened and I couldn't go, it wouldn't be too big a disappointment.

Nothing got in the way- in fact the opposite happened. There roofers came to re-roof the parsonage and so getting away for the day was a REALLY good idea.

So we left the house and drove to Arcola Illinois and went to Rockome Gardens. This is a place Mom and I have been to before and she remembered it so that was great. We bought Mom a disposable camera so she could take pictures- she used to love to take pictures. Rockome Gardens is in Amish country- and so we went to the Amish Interpretive Center and watched a short film on the Amish and looked at all of the museum displays.

We took a buggy ride and also rode on the little "train" they have. We also got ice cream (Of Course!) It was a beautiful day and walking around was slow, but that was fine with me.

We went into the Raggedy Ann and Andy Shop, but that was the only shop we really went into. In the old days, we would have hit every shop in the place.

We didn't go to the petting zoo, or the haunted cave or some of the other features. It was really in sharp contrast to the year before when I took my daughter and grandchildren there! No one was running and no one wanted to play on the play ground or go inside the tepee. Or feed the animals!

We left there and went to Yoder's Kitchen in Arthur Illinois to eat. There was a 45 minute wait and we waited. The place was so busy! We ate around 2:30 PM and then traveled home. The food was good and people were still waiting to get in when we left. I'm not sure when their lunch crowd ends and their supper crowd begins!

It was a good day. Everyone was patient. Dad and I were both relaxed and Mom was enjoying being out.

Dad said he was tired, but in a good way and slept very well.

Mom didn't sleep well, but she can't seem to sleep more than 5 hours a night, even taking a sleep aid prescribed by the doctor. She is up most mornings very early. But she did enjoy the day and I am very grateful!

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