Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As I'm writing, I'm sitting here waiting for the cardiology department to call my dad back. Since his surgery, his heart rate has been high (99 or above) and since changing his BP medication, his BP is high.

Yesterday, Dad got a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. Last night, he didn't sleep well and kept taking his BP and it was high all night. He is anxious and upset. This of course means Mom is anxious and upset too.

Of course, this means I must remain calm and composed and I'm doing the best I can. Sunday, our parish nurse took MY blood pressure and it was high for me- 136/86. I usually run about 105/70. Sooo.... I guess all of this is stressing me out more than I knew or wanted to know. Now I'm taking my BP daily too.

I've also made a deal with my husband. He is going to give me a $1.00 for every 1/2 hour I walk on the treadmill. The money is going to the church, so I can't let them down. It should benefit all of us.

Mom is upset because my DH didn't clean out the dryer lint after his last load of laundry. Today this is a BIG DEAL, which shows me she is anxious.

My husband tells me I let all of this bother me too much. That I "worry" too much and that I need to stop "babysitting" my parents.  We've had quite a discussion about this. Maybe its the difference between men and women. Or maybe its that I live with this everyday, that I am responsible for their medical visits and medication and their finances and that I am a pastor taking care of other people as well. And maybe its because I don't get to leave and go fishing on my boat every single day I have off from work. Or maybe its because I don't have a day off. Hmmm...

Well, fishing season will be over soon and then maybe he can take on some of these things that I am doing. Time will tell!


l'oiseau said...

Good GRIEF, I am an idiot! NOW I have read all of your entries--you are living my life! God bless your sweet soul. One month after a triple A is SUCH a short time out. Your dad has FAR to go. It takes "a year" to "get over" that surgery, and in my opinion that doesn't apply to the very old. Unless I am daft, your poor father will never regain his strength. I don't see how YOU are still sitting upright with all that is going on inside your house. My father was at my house for more than 2 months. His major "healing" difficulties were caused by depression: it causes loss of appetite & greater pain, which aggravate each other and go in circles. Your dad wants to talk about "things." If I could go back, I would have done that. As it happened, Dad and I could not talk because one of us was always in denial, but never in sync. I didn't have a husband then, and my last child was only 10 (& home schooled while I am self-employed at home). I could not find ONE LIVING SOUL to come help me--not even so I could go to the grocery store. The child helped immensely. But you have TWO of them INSIDE THE HOUSE! Be careful with yourself.

l'oiseau said...