Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dad is anxious and worried. This is new- I've never really seen him this way before and it is difficult in many ways. The more anxious he is, the more anxious Mom gets. The more anxious he is the more anxious I get, but can't show it...

He says this "thing" with his heart is really bothering him. I can imagine! And he wasn't happy that the doctor upped his new medication- he doesn't like the new one and is afraid it is making things worse.

They are trying to reassure him that sometimes it takes awhile to adjust the medications.

He's sleeping late today which seems to mean he didn't get to sleep until late.

Today he goes in for a sonogram of his kidneys.

Okay- so here is the big question- (and I know there is no answer...)

Mom has Alzheimer's.

Dad doesn't.

If I were running the universe (thank God I'm not!) people with Alzheimer's would get the bad diseases and illnesses so they wouldn't have to suffer as long... 

Or would that be too unfair?

As I keep telling myself- and everyone else- life isn't fair.

Got to go. I get to run away for awhile this morning for a hair appointment. "My Friends" as my hairdresser calls my gray hair are getting a pick-me-up for fall.


Cher said...

He slept all day to.. Though he seemed to feel better he didn't get up until they worked in that room about 1:00... I peaked in on him a few times to see if he was hungry ... but didn't want to wake him... Loves

Anonymous said...

Sending you love and prayers.