Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

A quick post while I drink my second cup of coffee for the morning and get ready for church...

There's a new show coming out on Showtime called "The Big C." It's a comedy about cancer.

Yeah, I know. A comedy... About cancer... What's funny about cancer?

Well, what's funny about Alzheimer's? Nothing- except- there are moments of laughter, there are moments of comedy, there are moments of pure funny.

Life is that way. All life results in death. Some of the ways we go through life, some of the things we do and say to get to that end are funny.

We say on the Alzheimer's Caregivers Forum that if "we don't laugh, we cry."

While most of us agree on the forum we wouldn't want to have anyone make fun of someone with AD, we have to admit we do find humor in it. There is a place and a time for both crying and laughing.

Me- I'm going to watch "The Big C" and see how they handle it
. I suspect I'll cry some. And I pray I laugh too. Life's too short. We have to live, laugh, love, hope, and pray while we can.

The Trailer for The Big C

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