Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trying something new...

Today while Mom and Dad were gone, I poured meds for them both without telling Mom. I left today's slot without meds in Dad's and today's and Saturday's slots without meds for Mom. I'm hoping she will think she has poured the meds. This is quite possible and if it works, I'm going to try to keep doing it.

I also updated her medication lists on her computer- she goes by the list and doesn't have one of her over-the-counter meds for allergies on the list. I have to be careful because Mom uses nursing abbreviations for how many times a day, dosage etc.

Every morning she takes the medicine for the day and puts it in little medicine cups and separates it for morning and evening. I'm hoping this will be enough to keep her feeling as if she is doing the meds.
I'll let you know the results! Please pray and keep your fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

When we moved Mom into our house, I had to go to her (now former husband's) house to pack her things. The moving company sent three burly guys. They picked up the furniture in Mom's room to load it on the truck, and underneath the dresser, the bed, and the night tables were HUNDREDS of pills.

They had not even been living in that house for a year.

I think that was the first time I actually admitted to myself that Mom was doing a great job of fooling everyone...

I so hope that this works for you, and your Mom (and Dad!) :) It's hard, because if you are like me, you want to preserve all of the "freedom" and "independence" that you can, while protecting them.

Be sure to let us know what happens! :)