Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Move

Monday we spent the day packing and moving what we could. The rain held off, even though the day started off very, very foggy. Mom and Dad spent their first night here. It didn't go badly.

Ate out a lunch and for dinner on Monday. Getting tired of that, and Mom and Dad didn't like the food at Denny's. Dad is on a low salt diet, so a lot of restaurant food tastes too salty for him. Mom can't taste much of anything, so she wasn't happy.

Lots of emotions were played out, but the consistent concerns being voiced were from Mom about Mom. No one Else's feelings or comfort is considered at this time. This has to be whatever disease she has, because she was always a loving and caring person.  40 years after the fact, people still come up to her and thank her for the care she game them when they had their babies in  the hospital.

Tuesday I had hoped they would stay here and unpack some things, but they came to the condo and "packed."  D and his friend J came with a covered trailer and moved a LOT of stuff, especially furniture. Went down to my in-laws for lunch- our usual moving day feast of Italian Beef, coleslaw, chips and Chocolate Chip cookies. I love my in-laws, they are the greatest. My MIL, R is one of the sweetest ladies around.

Any way, Dad got really tired fast. About 1:00, he took Mom to see her old boss and friend Mrs. F. (That's actually what we called her- Mrs. F) He was afraid it would be bad, as last time they saw her ( a year ago) she had really gone down hill. But now she has 24/7 home care and she is doing much better. Her husband, Dr. F, was a very successful doctor, so she is able to stay home with outstanding home care.

The visit went well, and Dad was glad he took Mom.

Last night we had pizza from Monical's. It was good and they both seemed to enjoy it. I asked if Dad would mind having leftover Italian Beef tonight for dinner and he said he didn't want it. Yikes! From now on I won't ask. Got some chicken out and will fix it tonight early. I have a prayer group meeting at 6 and a meeting concerning Holy Week services at 7.

I thought about asking to extend my "vacation" through the weekend, but I really need to be with my congregation and preach! Don't know on what yet, but I just know I need to be there.

Dad has called the doctor because he's still coughing a lot and has been coughing up blood again. Not much, but I think it is scaring him.

Got Dad's Mac up and running last night and he is now on our wireless connection. Mom's PC is running really, really, really slow and she has used up 70 GB of a 80 GB hard drive. And all she does is e-mail and plays spider solitaire, so I don't know what is going on with that. If/when they leave today I will try to debug it.
Time to go and bring in more boxes...


Joan said...

Glad most of the moving is done, the rain held off and you are still writting this Blog. Peace amd Grace.

Cher said...

Hi Mom, was trying not to call and bug you on how things were going... so i bribe Tommy and friends with food :) He said it's been rough, been praying for you and thinking about you this week :) Keep me posted on Grandpa and if there's anything I can do to help that I can have the kids in tow for just call....

Love you and stay strong!