Monday, March 15, 2010


I am just so frustrated! My friend "P" has dementia and knows it. And she accepts it as something the she can work through with God's help. Mom will NOT accept that she has ANY problems at all! She says it is just because she cannot hear. Well, that is part of it I'm sure.

But not remembering she has new Medicare Prescription cards has nothing to do with her hearing. And refusing to throw away old Medicare cards that are no longer any good does not help her find the new ones. Her purse is packed with old cards and stuff that she does not need. She leaves money every where. She keeps scraps of paper that should have been thrown away 5 years ago- they have nothing to do with her life right now but she "might" need them- even though she has no idea what they are! Her purse is so heavy that when I had it sitting on my front passenger car seat the passenger airbag light came on and the seat belt warning kept beeping. And she complains when she walks because her shoulder/arm hurt. But I can't get her to clean it out and she won't let me help.

I'm venting- but better here than at her. That's one reason for this blog.

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Kimberly said...

Oh I remember feeling that same way!My mom would admit the problem but not the effects of it. Even now, she knows that "it will get worse" but does not realize how it has affected her already. She also hoarded those scraps of paper too... This disease is a strange one