Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday some of my conversations with Mom went something like this.

Mom: Why I am taking this new medication?  (Prilosec)

Me: To help your stomach.

Mom: So I should stop taking the Aricept.

Me: No- keep taking the Aricept. We're hoping the Prilosec will help your stomach.

Mom: My stomach is fine.

Me: Good, maybe the Prilosec is working.

Mom: (getting up from her chair and holding her stomach.) Oh my stomach hurts. When do I see the doctor?

Me: Dr. N?

Mom: Is that who I'm seeing? Why am I seeing Dr. N?

Me: To check on your lichen planus.

Mom: The last time I saw him I asked him to follow me on that but he wasn't too happy. I think he said he would.

Me: He will. You see him at 9AM on Wednesday.

Mom: 9AM?? Well I hope I can get up that early. (She was up at 6AM yesterday) Why am I seeing him?


Mom: Why did I see Dr. P yesterday?

Me: You saw her about your stomach and your mouth.

Mom: My stomach is upset.

Me: I know.

Mom: I think I saw the doctor yesterday about it.

Me: You did.

Mom: Did she give me anything?

Me: Yes- Prilosec.

Mom: Am I going to the doctor this week?

Me: Yes. On Wednesday at 9 AM to see Dr. N

Mom: Are you coming back later this week?

Me: I'll be here every day to help you pack. I'll take you to see Dr. N tomorrow.

Mom: What time do I go?

Me: 9AM.

Mom: That's so early.

Me: I know, but I'll take you.

Mom: Who am I seeing?

Me: Dr. N

Mom: Well that's not far away you don't have to take me.

Me: I want to take you.

Mom: I may not be awake enough to drive.

Me: I'm going to take you.

Mom: Where is Dr. N's office?

Me: On ----------- Street.

Mom: What time do I have to be there?

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